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(updated Sept 29 2008, 19:30pm BST)

I have read everyones comments and I am so overwhelmed with the number of people who've shown their support. You have been so kind to me and I'm deeply grateful for that. And there's no avoiding the fact that you're all correct - If I quit, the troublemakers win and I will have let down so many good friends, and thats the last thing I'd want. So there's no way I can quit now. Im gonna take your advice and keep posting vids. It doesnt matter what the trolls do, all that matters is that we keep on getting the truth out there and allow people to make up their own minds. Anyone can see that we're the good guys in all of this. We are the ones who want to peacefully educate others, bring some justice back into the world, and bring an end to the psychopathic agenda of the New World Order elite.

The fact the troublemakers even do what they do shows that we're already having a big impact and we're waking a lot of people up. The troublemakers have shot themselves in the foot anyway because they're giving the truth movement more attention - which means we reach more people and more people wake up. So everyone's a winner - the trolls can have their childish fun whilst the truth movement grows bigger and gains more momentum. Sounds like a fair deal! So I'm back in business, I'm staying put, and I'll be posting more vids soon. This is an important time to intensify our efforts; we need get more videos out there and we need to use other video sites as well as YouTube.

One of the good things to come out of this is that we've raised some awareness of the issues of channel cloning and using sockpuppet accounts. People will be more on their guard from now on. Plus, the troublemakers have shown everyone that they are now desperate as well as sad. To resort to such cheap and dirty tactics means we're starting to hit the elite where it hurts.

The troublemakers have tried in vain to discredit lots of people in the truth movement, but I dont know why they decided to pick on my channel. I'm just another truthseeker like everyone else. I want to make videos to try to inform people and hopefully wake them up to what's really going on in the world. I mean no harm to anyone - not even the troublemakers, whatever their purpose is. In some ways they've made me laugh with the crazy names they use and the way they easily expose themselves as frauds and troublemakers - even before you check out their channels. And their channels always contain a treasure trove of evidence trails - including subscribers lists full of suspended accounts, as well as multiple sockpuppet accounts that look like they were all created by the same person on the same date. Once you know what to look for, they're easy to spot. When we see an obvious troublemaker, we really have to get into the habit of blocking them AND reporting them to YouTube. Always check out people's channels before accepting their friend invites. And be weary of any channel that was created within the last few weeks.

I'll keep the list of abusive accounts below so people can still report them to YouTube. Each account is either a clone or a sockpuppet, and they are used solely for the purpose of carrying out malicious activity against other YouTube users.


(1) Go to YouTube's Help Centre: http://help.youtube.com/support/youtube/bin/request.py

(2) Click on REPORT ABUSE / USER HARASSMENT / PREVENTING UNWANTED COMMUNICATION. And then click on the CONTACT US link on the right-hand side of the page.

(3) Copy the list of fake accounts below, and then paste it into the "Username(s) in question" field of the "contact us" form.

nufffrespect00000000 nuffrespectful nuffrespect1 nuffffrespect AuroraKismet0 nnn55 n zayzin zezimathenerd censormyassshitheadd byecensorcraplololol Xxpassionblossomcrap

(4) In the text field where you describe your complaint (350 character limit), enter the text below:

A malicious user has set up these clone and sockpuppet accounts and is using them to harass and slander genuine users, such as "NufffRespect". The fake accounts are being used to post racist and obscene comments and videos. This is a violation of YouTube's TOS, as well as a criminal offence. Please remove these fraudulent accounts immediately.

(5) Make sure you have completed the rest of the form - such as email address, your channel name, etc - then click on the SUBMIT button.

You can also contact YouTube via email at: abuse@YouTube.com

Many thanks for helping out, and thank you so much for your kind support!


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